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Online Voice & Speech Exercises

Online Voice & Speech Exercises

For Individuals with Parkinson's Disease

About Us

Keep your voice STRONG!

We are a dynamic group of speech-language pathologists passionate about supporting those with Parkinson's Disease in maintaining optimal communication and swallow function. 

We KNOW how hard it is to self-motivate to do speech and voice exercises. This is why we created the Get LOUD! Stay LOUD! community. We felt that voice and speech practice should be as EASY and CONVENIENT as possible.

We are SO confident that you will love it, that we are offering access to Get LOUD! Stay LOUD! for one month FREE to try it out.

Why You Should Join

Are you looking for convenient access to Parkinson's specific voice and speech workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home? Could you benefit from the support of specially trained speech therapists to help guide and motivate you to stay diligent with these exercises every day?  

We have the solution! Join our global online community of individuals with Parkinson's Disease who see the benefit of belonging to a speech therapist-led group that strives to support, encourage and motivate each member to stay active with daily speech and voice workouts and attend weekly online voice maintenance groups.

All of our speech therapists are trained in either LSVT LOUD® or SPEAK OUT!®, the two most evidenced based voice therapy programs for Parkinson's Disease.

What are our Members saying?

I was diagnosed with PD in mid-2019.  I had 8 weeks of in person speech therapy and was pleased with the results.  After therapy, I got lazy, stopped doing the exercises and my voice started to fade. Attending this internet based practice made all the difference! It's similar to what I did at the clinic, the speech hosts are first rate and being on the forum keeps me honest. I'm proud to say my voice has bounced back!  - Scott B.

I originally did four weeks individual voice therapy.  The improvement in my voice level was amazing!  My family and friends all remarked on the wonderful improvement.  Then I went on holiday for three weeks and my voice level suffered - back to very quiet again.  But since I have been signing in for daily 15 minute sessions on GLSL, I'm back to where I should be.  These daily sessions are definitely keeping my on track.  My wife no longer has to continually be saying "Pardon?". :) - Rob D.

It's an excellent program... the speech therapists are all very knowledgeable in their field and make all the sessions fun. I look forward to participating each day and feel like I’ve been robbed if I can’t go. I really like to actively participate in the sessions but if you’re shy or just want to do the session and leave you can do that too. There is something for everyone! - Becky A.

Using this forum allows me to strengthen my speech clarity and volume. The sessions are always varied and are posted well in advance of the appointed time. I also find the Events Archives invaluable and allows you to exercise your voice at off times and to pick what you want to work on.   - Jim S.

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We highly recommend you join from a desktop or laptop then get on the mobile app after. If you join through the Apple iOS store there is a surcharge. So save some coins! 

Please read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy before joining. 

A Big Thank You

Thank you for being a part of our community of individuals with Parkinson's. Together we CAN stay vigilant with our daily speech and voice practice! 🙌

"I like to encourage people to realize that any action is a good action if it's proactive and there is positive intent behind it. " - Michael J. Fox

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